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Aluminium Frames

Aluminium Frames

Sleek and Strong
The natural qualities of aluminium – light, yet strong and corrosion-proof – make it an ideal material for window frames. Even the slimmest of our aluminium frames exceed British Standards for weather performance and security. Our ultra slim-line aluminium frames have a larger glass area than traditional frames, allowing more natural light in and less heat out. This improvement in thermal performance keeps your home warmer and your energy bills lower.
Our aluminium windows are crafted exclusively for CRK, and can be customised to suit any property.

Aluminium windows can be directly fitted into your home’s brickwork for a sleek contemporary finish, or we can add a timber sub-frame to replicate the traditional look.

Select from a range of colours including white, black and charcoal. You can even mix and match exterior and interior colours to suit the inside and outside of your home.

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