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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We understand the importance to homeowners, housebuilders, landlords and tenants of improving energy efficiency in buildings. That's why we offer energy-efficient window and doors that offer affordable solutions across our extensive range whatever the style, colour, or size.

Window Energy Ratings (WER) and what they mean
The BFRC Window Energy Rating (WER) scheme is a measurement of the energy efficiency of a window, taking into account heat loss through the window, air leakage and the amount of solar heat gain. Windows are graded from G as the least efficient, up to A as the most energy efficient.Why the need for Window Energy Ratings?

By using our WER high performance range of windows you will:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Save money on your fuel bills (see our Energy Savings Calculator to see how mich you could save)
  • Become more environmentally friendly - through use of recycling & PVC-U environmentally friendly materials and lower carbon emissions

How will it make my home more energy efficient?
Simply using a B-Rated or above window reduces the amount of energy lost through windows by up to 90%.

That's enough energy to:

  • Run 9 televisions for a year
  • Drive over 600 miles in an average sized car
  • Make 34,000 cups of tea

Energy Rated Windows - to suit your requirements and your pocket
Our range of windows has been designed to meet the requirements and pockets of our customers, so our wide range of styles is available in Ratings, from simple casement windows, to tilt-and-turn options and exquisite vertical sliders.